Search The NUS extra Card allows you to benefit from discounts on certain products and services. The discounts available to you and the organisations providing such benefits are not fixed and may vary or be withdrawn at any time. 4. In the event that your card is broken, lost or stolen, NUS is able to replace your card for £5. totum is nus extra evolved The only student discount and proof of age ID card and app approved by the National Union of Students. TOTUM, and NUS extra before it, has saved students millions of pounds. Sorry to hear you've lost you NUS Extra card. As Surrey left the NUS we can't print cards any more and you'll need to contact NUS Extra direct. They can arrange one for you, you just might need to tell them we cannot reprint it as Surrey left the. Welcome to TOTUM! The 1 UK Student Discount Card and App. The home of student offers, vouchers, news, ID, events and student life. Powered by NUS extra.

If you have lost your TOTUM card, you can purchase a replacement card. You can order a replacement card here by clicking the 'I want to renew or replace my card' option and providing your email and password. Replacement cards cost £5. Upgrade details are needed on the other upgrades e.g. Gourmet Card or the copy should imply extra costs for the “bolt-ons”. If you require a replacement student card, you will need to report a loss of your card and apply for a new student card. Click here to report loss and apply for a replacement. Print the acknowledgement form and proceed to the Student Service Centre to make payment. You will be inform via email when your new card is ready for collection. Sign in with your organizational account. Sign in. Sep 22, 2017 · Is getting an NUS extra card worth it? 0. 0. Share 0. REPORT THIS. With tuition and living expenses for students continuing to rise by the year, student discounts are a very welcome part of the university experience. As a result, you will likely have heard about the discount card on offer from the National Union of Students.

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Student Discount Card.

I’ve found 2 methods of getting the NUS extra card without being a student, so hopefully, you’ll find one that suits you. Note: If you are a student, then you can head over and follow the steps from ‘step 2’ below, entering your University of study. You can get your card sent to your Uni free of charge, or pay an extra £1 to have it delivered to your home. NUS Apprentice extra provides discounts in-store and online at your favourite brands to help your hard earned cash go a little further. We have been created by the National Union of Students NUS, and so the money we raise selling the discount card helps to fund the National Society for Apprentices, which will serve to represent your needs and. NUS Extra A little bit extra. With an NUS extra card you'll gain yourself access to over 200 UK discounts, including top brands like Apple, ASOS and National Express. As well as that, you'll also get a free one year ISIC that's an International Student Identity Card, bagging you another 42,000 international discounts. Still not sold?

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